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Hi,I am Therry, sweet 15. Last PMR candidates for 2013. Thank you for visit my ordinary blog. Do visit again, okay? {  Bunnys }

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    Friday, August 3, 2012 • Permalink • Add comment {0}


    I'am belieber , so I post this :')

    If you are a belieber please read.
    Last night the belieber family lost a beautiful member3
    Ellie was a beautiful belieber who commited suicide
    Her twitter was @TheBiebzy , before she commited she changed her twitter location to heaven , name to dreaming and last tweet to ‘I’m so sorry guys I haver tried everything, I just can’t do it anymore’
    This is a really heartbreaking story , no one is really sure why she done what she done but we are very sad and no one should ever be forced to take their own life.
    #RipBelieberEllie you will be sorely missed , you were a great contribution to our family and it is so sad to see you go
    Rest in peace angel , us beliebers and Justin know we have the most beautiful girl looking out for all of us
    Sleep tight sweetie♡
    If you have read down this far it means your a true loving belieber. So please reblog like or ignore whatever , just do something to this to show your respect and love for this beautiful young girl even if you may not of knew her personally or even heard of her because
    Any life lost is a tragedy , but especially when its a young girl who done it to herself for her own personal reasons.
    R.I.P Ellie