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Hi,I am Therry, sweet 15. Last PMR candidates for 2013. Thank you for visit my ordinary blog. Do visit again, okay? {  Bunnys }

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    What wrong with me ?
    Sunday, April 29, 2012 • Permalink • Add comment {0}

    Hallo :(( , sorry sebab therry buad entry kali ni tentangg mood therry yang berapi tiap-2 hari .
    Kenapaa dgn therry ni bad mood tiap-2 hari , period ? Tak mungkinn . Ish kawan cakapp sikit jaa therry trus terasa and bad mood muka macam nak telan 10 orang sekali guss . Hmm , awad dgn therry ni hah ? Hurm , ke exam pertengahan tahun nak dekat dah tuh jadi cam ni nih , hmm . kay la bye .